It’s time we made a place where people’s souls may be seen and made safe…” I love these words from Jewel, American singer and songwriter. This past Sunday we tried something new at St. Thomas. We invited our children to dress up in family-friendly costumes for the sharing of the peace (and just a little bit of candy!) It was a joyful moment if a bit chaotic at times. Children walked from pew to pew to receive candy and blessings from parishioners. Smiles abounded everywhere. It wasn’t the traditional church environment I grew up in, but it sure felt like the kingdom of God.

The past few weeks have been painful for our country. We are in desperate need of healing. Of hope. Of joy. It’s time we made a place where people feel loved. Feel seen. This is what Jesus calls us to. To meet people where they are. To welcome them as they are. Our children put on costumes and shared their excitement and joy with our congregation. We are all called to put on Christ, every day. To share His love, mercy, and grace with every person we meet.

Costumes can make us feel brave, silly or scary. But when we clothe ourselves with Christ, we put on something beautiful and lasting. We become a little more like him, one day at a time. As Jewel puts it:  “I want to live bravely and love without fear, I want always to feel the wings of grace near, we all will be Christed when we hear ourselves say we are that to which we pray.”