Have you seen the heart of Saint Thomas? You can see it in the picture of The Rev. Katie Pearson at her ordination, kneeling side by side with our bishop at the altar rail in prayer. The heart is glowing and beautiful, perfectly centered on the cross above our altar.

This heart- the heart of Saint Thomas- is made of light. It is something we can see and experience. This is true in our worship, and it is true in our community of faith. The light of Christ’s love is what brings us together. The light of Christ’s love is what fills us with holy joy. The heart of Saint Thomas is found in the light and love of our God:  a love that heals, a love that gives hope, a love that brings joy.

Our patron saint is beloved by many for his honest and vulnerable need to see Jesus in person. Saint Thomas yearned to see Jesus himself. The “show me” saint, he longed for signs and wonders that he could see and feel. Many of us relate to Saint Thomas. And like Saint Thomas, we are blessed by the compassionate and generous response of our God, who is always willing to show us the signs and wonders of the love we know in his Son, Jesus.

This love — the heart of Saint Thomas — is known in so many ways. It is known in the prayers of our eucharistic visitors as they share communion with our homebound parishioners. It is known in the loving welcome our children receive when greeted by name by Kit Suliveras, our Church School Director. It is known in the faithful commitment of those who gather for bible study, in the quiet behind-the scenes ministry of the altar guild, in the heartfelt music offered by Dr. Maria Corley and our choir, in the collection of food, clothing and shoes for those in need. The heart of Saint Thomas is made of light… and it is also made of love.

Come experience this love for yourself and know that you are most welcome in the heart of St. Thomas.

Rev. Jennifer E. Mattson